What is a Service Expedition?

The world is facing important challenges today.  Climate change is impacting the planet.  Economic systems are evolving.  And new technologies are altering the way we relate to each other.

Young people need the skills to feel confident that they can confront these challenges to help make their rapidly changing world better and their future brighter in it.

A service expedition with Central American Service Expeditions (CASE) takes students out of their comfort zone and into experiences where they can develop empathy, solidarity, critical thinking, and leadership.

A CASE service expedition combines community service with adventure travel to some of the most beautiful places on Earth. On a CASE service expedition students are encouraged to put down their phones and experience new places, new cultures, and new ideas about poverty, development, privilege, and social justice.

In other words, with CASE students develop the skills to become global citizens in our ever smaller, interconnected world.

Experience in the Field
Since 2008 the CASE team has been promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation in Central America through our service expeditions.

During our trips we strive to ensure that participants are immersed in local culture and work side by side with people from local communities. Also, each service expedition provides direct financial support to rural community based organizations.
Support for Local Communities
CASE supports rural development projects both by leading our groups to areas that are off the beaten path and through direct financial support of locally controlled conservation and development projects. CASE explicitly supports rural community tourism to promote sustainable rural economic development and environmental conservation. Further, CASE donates 10% of the total cost of our service expeditions to the community-based organizations with which our groups work. Our expeditions are "service" expeditions in every sense of the word!

So contact us now and start the adventure!!