Information for Parents

Central American Service Expeditions is dedicated to providing safe and high quality opportunities for growth to young people in an international setting. Our top priority is the safety of your child followed closely by providing your child with the opportunity to serve and share with people who live in rural Central American communities. All expeditions are closely supervised by our highly qualified staff to ensure the quality of the expedition and the safety of everyone participating.

For many adolescents a Central American Service Expedition is their first close contact with another culture in a foreign country. CASE strives to educate kids about the value of seeing the world through different eyes, about the causes of poverty and economic injustice, and how each of us as global citizens can make a difference. CASE believes that these lessons are best learned early in  life, just as one is beginning to explore life’s possibilities.

CASE is committed to promoting sustainable development in Central America by bringing expeditions to rural lodges and communities which are off the beaten path. The lodges where our groups stay are run by local people and are often part of a larger rural development project supported by the United Nations Development Program and other international development and/or environmental organizations. 10% of the total fee from every expedition is donated in support of the community organizations with which your child stays and works. A Central American Service Expedition is not only a rewarding experience for your child but it is also a part of the development strategy of the communities our groups come to know.