Teachers Page

Central American Service Expeditions specializes in working with teachers to develop service learning expeditions which support topics being examined in the classroom.  We strive to help you provide your students with unique opportunities to explore a wide range of subjects in the field.  These subjects can range from the hard sciences taught in STEM classes to the social sciences to foreign language.  We believe that one of the great advantages of our service expeditions is that students are able to see how all of these apparently unrelated subjects often coallesce to form a whole within communities working to make sustainable development a reality.

For example, students on our service expeditions can observe what sustainable agriculture means in a rural Latin American community, how an organic agro-forestry system works in the rainforest, what international organic certification means to a banana or cocoa bean farmer, how our consumption decisions at home affect the lives of people living in Latin America, or what the engineering challenges are for bringing potable water to rural villages.  Our trips provide an unsurpassed opportunity to make service learning real for your students.

At CASE we are excited to provide the richest, most rewarding experience possible for you and your students so please don't hesitate to ask us how we can design the perfect trip for you.  Also, your participation in the expedition is important to us and it is for that reason that for every six students we pay the service expedition fee for a chaperone as well as provide $650 to cover his or her airfare.