CASE Leaders

Matthew Cook
Matt is a CASE leader and the owner and operator of Central American Service Expeditions.  Matt has lived in Costa Rica for over 13 years working to promote sustainable development and environmental conservation.  He is a native of the United States with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters in Economics from the University of California at Riverside where he specialized in Development and Environmental Economics.
Esteban Biamonte
Esteban is certified as a naturalist guide by the Costa Rican Board of Tourism. He has a passion for wilderness and conservation issues and is a published author as well as an active member of environmental non-governmental organizations. Esteban has more than a decade of experience leading groups in Costa Rica and neighboring countries in Central America. He loves listening and dancing to Latin music and he'll always go out of his way to get you to try something new.
Pedro Bolaños
Pedro is a native Costa Rican and he and his wife Yaney have 3 boys: Oscar, Andrés and Alejandro. Pedro has been a naturalist guide since 1990 and his work has led him to travel extensively throughout the Americas to the Bermudas, Antigua, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Aruba, Puerto Rico, and USA, Cánada, Colombia and Venezuela. Pedro has received naturalist guide training from the Costa Rican Institute of Biodiversity, and has taken specialized courses in the fields of biology, ornithology, and volcanology.

José Cruz

Jose is a CASE leader who has been working in the area of International Education for the last 20 years. He enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with local communities. One of his greatest passions is sharing the history and culture of Central America. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Education.

Stephanie Joseph

Stephanie is a biologist with a bachelor's degree in Tropical Biology from Costa Rica's National University. She loves leading groups to small communities throughout Central America where she sees first hand the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Onik Morrison

Onik has been leading tours all around Costa Rica since she became a certified guide with the Costa Rican Board of Tourism in 2006. Having graduated from the widely respected University of Costa Rica with a degree in Environmental Interpretation, she works hard to make sure everyone’s experience is fun and educational. Her patience and leadership create a great environment for team work which helps to insure that everyone learns and enjoys achieving the group’s goals. Her trips around the world have taught Onik the importance of respecting every culture and enjoying the best each one has to offer, especially that of her beloved Costa Rica!